Our Mission And Motivation

The now defunct NRA - may it Rest In Peace!

The reader may be surprised that, in the early 1930s there was a government agency (see graphic) that promoted regulating certain dealings. The motive back then was to "recover" from the Great Depression. It was a "New Deal" agency, quite controversial, whose major success was to outlaw "child labor". They developed a slogan: "We Do Our Part" to suggest that, recovery will never happen unless each and every citizen chips in and does their part.

While this agency "died" many decades ago, it has left a legacy that we discuss here:

First we have, as back then (1930s), a "depression" going on. Too many folks are severely "depressed" that they'll never witness a reasonable balance between the Second Amendment rights and society's desire for peaceful security. Politicians have been stalemated on this issue and/or bullied by lobbyists into not taking any action. Their constant bickering grates on our nerves. It's depressing! If the 1930s had a "Great Depression", today we have a "Grate Depression" from hearing all this chatter akin to grating teeth! Our humble suggestions will provide a remedy for toning down this ubiquitous and childish noise. We believe our suggestions are acceptable by all parties. We need a present day "National Recovery Administration" (but for different reasons). One that promotes mainly voluntary regulation of gun owners (and not laborers, etc. during the 1930s Great Depression).

Second a "Newer Deal" is needed. The 1930s NRA put some degree of governmental impetus behind sundry "regulations". But today we will make a bold suggestion that the gun imbroglio can be resolved outside of further government stipulations or laws! We feel that our suggestions are safe to deploy, have zero legal hurdles, may be as effective as any sponsored legislation, and should be tried even if some folks still want something "as codified laws in books"! Our "Newer Deal" depends strongly on public pressure, voluntary compliance, and, to some extent, the reuse of the long dead former NRA's slogan: "we do our part". Indeed it will fail unless we collectively all do our part. For this reason we are creating a "groundswell" movement that should educate folks about the issue and, especially, the part they should play to implement our "recovery" from this depressed state of events.