Our Suggestions

In the wake of tumultuous events, frustration and energy must be converted into action! Eventually the Great Depression ceased, and after that the Great War (WW II). Action brings closure.

We have pondered various courses of action, followed discussions, and weighed alternatives for a number of years. We have had direct conversations with victims, Second Amendment advocates, etc.


The brief and perhaps purposely somewhat vaguely worded amendment does succeed in convincing us that we all have basic "KABA" rights (as we call it). The most striking phrase "Keep And Bear Arms" (KABA). Something never to be infringed.

Perhaps a side anecdote will help to explain this. During our interviews we indirectly encountered a fellow (we'll call him "Popeye" here). He felt so strongly about this amendment that he had it tattooed onto his arm! (Including the KABA phrase). He seems to have made a subliminal message saying two things at once: he has a right to "keep and bare his arm" (never to be denied, as we all agree). So, it follows, that he has another never to be denied right to "keep and bear arms". In Popeye's opinion it is inconceivable that either of these two "rights" could ever be denied, infringed or otherwise taken away!

Understand that this web site is trying its best to reincarnate the defunct National Recovery Administration with a "Newer Deal" mission: foster acceptance of a vital (KABA) right but, at the same time, foster the legacy NRA attitude: "we do our part" so that the amendment's vision can be acceptable to all.

Collogistics.org has embarked on designing and implementing a new organization that consists of gun owners and other associated volunteers. The model used employs the "we do our part" philosophy. To understand this model Collogistics has also created a "Parlor Presentation" for educating folks about the unique approach being developed as we speak. To schedule a viewing and discussion (groups of twelve or smaller) contact: